Introducing Patch Management for OneView

Introducing Patch Management for OneView

We’re thrilled to announce our Patch Management module for OneView, which is paired alongside our Vulnerability Assessment module to help you uncover vulnerabilities, respond to threats, and keep your customers productive and safe.

Vulnerability identification and system patching are critical to strengthening security postures, but they can become a monumental task that many organizations aren’t equipped to tackle. Despite the known risks of malware and ransomware infections, the average time to patch is 102 days and almost 75% of small and large businesses say they lack the resources to patch vulnerabilities quickly enough.

As an MSP, it is important you have tools to streamline an effective, intuitive approach to vulnerability visibility and patch management for your customers. Check out our blog post “6 reasons MSPs need a patch management platform” for more benefits of a VPM platform for MSPs.

Malwarebytes Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management modules extend OneView functionality to provide your organization deep visibility into the security vulnerabilities in your customers’ digital ecosystems. In this post, we give you a walkthrough of how to use Patch Management for OneView. For our previous post on using Vulnerability Assessment for OneView, click here.

Using the Patch Management module 

Click on “Patch Management“.

Here you can find more information on the updates available for your site’s endpoints and install these updates. Choose between tabs for operating system patches and third-party software application updates.  

 Click on a particular patch to learn more.”>

Below you will see a list of all endpoints with this vulnerability. Select the endpoints and click


Check the status of these updates on the “Tasks” page.

Quickly uncover and respond to vulnerabilities with VPM for OneView

Vulnerability and Patch Management will scan for updates across your endpoints and hand you the keys so you can lock the doors quickly and easily. To recap, this module provides the following features:

  • Scan for vulnerabilities across installed endpoint software.
  • Patch outdated applications, operating systems, or software vulnerabilities across your endpoints.
  • View detailed information on vulnerabilities across sites and endpoints.
  • View detailed information on available software and OS patches across sites and endpoints.
  • View recommended updates to perform on detected vulnerabilities.
  • Send automatic email notifications to administrators on detected vulnerabilities, available patches, and installed patches.
  • View summarized vulnerability and patching information across endpoints from your OneView dashboard.

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