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Move your security posture from reactive remediation to proactive enterprise-grade protection with Malwarebytes.

World's most trusted remediation
Malwarebytes Incident Response

Proactive protection
Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Endpoint detection and response
Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response

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Thorough remediation

The industry's most trusted name in remediation uniquely provides thorough and effective remediation with proprietary Linking Engine technology. Learn more


Proactive protection and advanced detection

Malwarebytes provides seven layers of both signature-based and signature-less endpoint protection and detection technologies. These technologies are powered by the industry's best-informed telemetry to protect your Windows and Mac endpoints against both established and emerging cyberthreats. Learn more


Effective response

Malwarebytes makes endpoint detection and response (EDR) easy with continuous visibility of suspicious activities, Granular Endpoint Isolation, and up to 72 hours of Ransomware Rollback. Learn more


How we got here

The endpoint security market originated with a heavy focus on protection capabilities. The second wave concentrated on detection, which introduced heuristic and machine-learning techniques.

Today, the market has matured and looks markedly different–it's crowded with multiple vendors and solutions, with minimal differentiation between them. Vendors now provide ‘multiple layers of protection,’ ‘next-generation technology,’ ‘light footprint,’ ‘machine learning,’ and deliver this functionality via a ‘single agent.’ But while protection and detection are vital technology components, they have essentially become commodities. Industry data (and newspaper headlines) show that despite having protection and detection installed, cyberthreats are still getting through.

Given no vendor can provide 100 percent protection it's vital to include thorough remediation as a key component of your overall endpoint security strategy. Only Malwarebytes provides thorough remediation, proactive protection, advanced detection, and effective response for your endpoints.


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