Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution

Extends your EDR solution with the trusted standard in automated endpoint remediation

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Automated endpoint remediation that improves your security posture

Our connector solution works seamlessly with leading EDR platforms to enhance and streamline your response efforts with automated and thorough malware removal. Unlike EDR remediation approaches that only focus on the active malicious executables, our proprietary technology removes dynamic and related artifacts to deliver complete remediation.

Integrates easily

OurAPI connectors make it simple to integrate with other vendor EDR solutions.

Relieves IT resources

Eliminates manual processes and expedites your response efforts.

Improves security

Automatically removes dynamic and related artifacts, transparently to your end users.

Fast, effective remediation with a non-persistent agent

Deploys as a non-persistent agent that performs remediation and then cleanly removes itself from the device. This provides powerful malware removal, without leaving a persistent agent footprint.

Malwarebytes MDR service protects your business and responds to incidents 24x7—so you don’t have to

Malwarebytes Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation services with rapid set-up and 24x7 monitoring and investigations. Our top-tier MDR Analysts protect your organization from cyberthreats through accelerated threat detection and response to incidents—allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution

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Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution

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