ThreatDown Mobile Security

Unified protection for Chromebooks, Android, iOS, and iPadOS mobile devices.

ThreatDown Makes Mobile Device Security Easy

Mobile devices are a key part of today’s modern business and teaching environments, so smartphones and tablets have become richer targets for exploitation and cyberattacks. 

ThreatDown makes it easy to address mobile endpoint security risks with award-winning protection across your mobile and traditional endpoints. It’s simple to install and manage with our cloud-native Nebula & OneView console.

Why ThreatDown Mobile is more than just cell
phone protection

Improves security

Improves security 

Preserve the security and quality of your Chromebooks, Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices.

Saves time

Saves time

Save time and money by adding mobile security to protect your investments. Complete mobile security out-of-box. There’s no need to hassle with your mobile device policy.

Unlocks visibility

Unlocks visibility

Understand the threats to your mobile devices and mitigate the risks.

Unifies endpoint security management

Unifies endpoint security management

Conveniently manage protection of your traditional and mobile endpoints via the same cloud-native Nebula & OneView console.

Powerful protection
for school-owned and student BYOD devices

Protecting school mobile devices like Chromebooks and iPads against outside threats demands advanced protection that’s also easy for small IT teams to use. 

ThreatDown Mobile delivers the perfect balance between power and ease with BYOD security solutions that are every bit as strong as schools need and simple to manage too.

mobile endpoint

ThreatDown Mobile extends our powerful protection to mobile devices in ThreatDown EP and EDR environments, guarding against the latest mobile threats such as ransomware, malicious apps, and PUPs.

With real-time Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Chromebook virus protection you can:

  • Prevent accidental access to harmful web sites
  • Safeguard against malicious apps
  • Block unwanted ads
  • Block ChromeOS and Android malware

Not a current customer?

Help prevent infections while delivering safer, more productive web access
in the same platform trusted for effective remediation. Our DNS Filtering
module extends your ThreatDown EDR, EP, IR or server solutions to
enhance your threat prevention initiatives.