Thorough remediation

Stop re-imaging infected endpoints and reduce malware dwell time with enterprise-grade remediation.

Infected endpoint made healthy via remediation

What does modern remediation look like?



Thorough malware removal: Proprietary Linking Engine remediation technology
Centralized remediation management: Cloud-based console
Automated cyberthreat scans
Endpoint Isolation: At network, process, and desktop level
Ransomware Rollback: Up to 72 hours
Threat visibility: Dashboards and reporting
Advanced agent deployment: Active Directory integration
Incident investigation: Static forensics tool
Custom threat hunting: Leverages custom indicators of compromise (IOCs)
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Free remediation

green checkmarkThorough malware removal: Proprietary Linking Engine remediation technology
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Enterprise-grade remediation

green checkmark Thorough malware removal: Proprietary Linking Engine remediation technology
green checkmarkCentralized remediation management: Cloud-based console
green checkmarkAutomated cyberthreat scans
green checkmarkEndpoint Isolation: At network, process, and desktop level
green checkmarkRansomware Rollback: Up to 72 hours
green checkmarkThreat visibility: Dashboards and reporting
green checkmarkAdvanced agent deployment: Active Directory integration
green checkmarkIncident investigation: Static forensics tool
green checkmarkCustom threat hunting: Leverages custom indicators of compromise (IOCs)

Addressing your modern remediation needs

The time required to remediate these incidents is substantial, often taking hours just to re-image a single endpoint. Lengthy dwell time and time-consuming re-imaging can often feel inevitable. Malwarebytes can significantly cut dwell time and lower the time and costs normally associated with constantly re-imaging endpoints.

Your business needs modern remediation using an enterprise-grade solution to help manage and remediate your endpoints at scale.

"Malicious or criminal data breaches take an average of 197 days to identify and another 69 days to contain." - Ponemon Institute

Essential components of remediation

Locked down requires ability to network isolation, process isolation and desktop isolation

Isolation of infected endpoints

During a cyberattack, it's critical for you to isolate your endpoints to prevent the threat from spreading across your network. Malwarebytes' Granular Endpoint Isolation uses network isolation, process isolation, and desktop isolation techniques to lock an attacker out and prevent malware from connecting to command and control servers.


Thorough remediation of infection

Not all remediation is the same. When typical remediation tools attempt to remove malware, they focus primarily on the active executable. But there are often collateral system changes that conventional remediation does not address. These residual changes leave the endpoint vulnerable to rapid reinfection.

Business endpoints need thorough removal of infections. Our proprietary Linking Engine technology provides you with the most trusted remediation in the industry. It is able to map the system changes associated with the active executable to thoroughly remove the infection and return your endpoints to a truly healthy state.


Malwarebytes surpasses antivirus by remediating endpoints, including decrypting and restoration of information encrypted by ransomware
Just-in-time backups provide 72-hour rollback in the case of ransomware, resulting in clean and healthy endpoints

Recovery of lost or damaged files

Ransomware attacks are devastating for any business. Your business needs the ability to rapidly recover from a ransomware attack. Malwarebytes uniquely delivers Ransomware Rollback capabilities that allows your business to roll back encrypted, damaged, or deleted files for up to 72 hours.


Powerful modern remediation for your business

Malwarebytes Incident Response delivers thorough remediation using proprietary Linking Engine technology to help reduce threat dwell time and lower your costs of re-imaging infected endpoints.


Need protection, detection, and response capabilities?
Check out Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response 

Malwarebytes Incident Response quarantines threats and provides 72-hour rollback and clean and healthy endpoint restoration

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