Benefits of a malware scanner
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Gain visibility into online file storage against malware attacks with
Malwarebytes Cloud Storage Scanning (CSS)

What is a malware scanner?

A malware scanner is a cybersecurity tool designed to broaden visibility into malware threats across networks, systems, and endpoints. The malware scanning process is driven by signature-based detection, heuristics, and machine learning. This process allows businesses to run on-demand or flexibly, scheduled malware scans with the core focus in increasing detection, monitoring, and gaining visibility over malware-based cyberthreats. Securing your organization’s end-to-end computing environments starts with cloud security best practices and a suite of anti-malware solutions, such as malware scanners and malware removal tools.

Why is cloud file storage security important?

The anti-malware scanning process works by inspecting files stored on your business’ enterprise-level cloud storage services, which consists of trusted third-party cloud storage vendors. The benefits of upholding secure cloud storage include:

Secure file sharing in the cloud

Businesses leverage convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of valuable files, resources, and data by using cloud file-sharing services like Box.comOneDrive (Microsoft), and others. Even though these file sharing and collaboration tools have many demonstrated advantages, they enlarge the cyberattack surface, which puts businesses, their users, and data at risk. Running malware scans can detect malware intrusions before they corrupt valuable company data assets, help to facilitate company data protection efforts, and keep cloud storage data secure.

Visibility and detection

Organizations lack visibility over their cloud ecosystem. Cloud systems are robust and difficult to monitor using traditional cloud network security. Overburdened, IT security teams deal with a lack of centralized reports across businesses using multiple cloud storage provider vendors. Utilizing a cloud repository and cloud document scanning tool helps eliminate malware residing and entering the digital environment.

Access control over cloud object storage

Cloud storage protection can include identity access management (IAM) which provides access control over cloud users. Cloud IAM allows organizations to filter permissions, granting or denying cloud data access by assigning privileges to specific users and groups.

AV scanner vs malware scanner

A virus scanner or antivirus software (which consists of an antivirus (AV) scanner) scans for a robust range of cyberthreats which include trojanscomputer wormsspyware, and malware.

A malware scanner focuses on detecting malware intrusions. Various cloud file-sharing services incorporate integrated malware detection into their solutions that uncover and contain the spread of malware. Because many small to midsize organizations and large enterprises rely on multiple cloud storage repositories, it’s difficult to centralize collected malware detection reports and scan results. Taking advantage of a malware scanning tool helps security teams consolidate cloud malware reports managed on a single console.

Is cloud storage secure for your business?

Online file storage in the cloud offers on-demand, convenient file sharing to support your organization’s uninterrupted workflow and productivity. Improving file storage security presents several challenges when those files, documents, and storage assets are in a complex, digital environment. So, can cloud storage be trusted? With today’s cloud security technologies, there are many ways to enforce protecting sensitive data, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), backing up files to different cloud accounts, and using browsing best practices.

How can businesses make the most of their cloud storage security tools?

Malwarebytes Cloud Storage Scanning (CSS) seamlessly deploys to deliver an added layer of security against malware threats on a single pane. Integrated with easy-to-use Nebula cloud-native cybersecurity platform, Malwarebytes CSS helps businesses gain visibility into their cloud file storage repositories to detect, manage, and report malware-based threats. Through increased malware detection, businesses leverage multi-layered protection to enhance secure file sharing within cloud environments. Malwarebytes CSS makes it easy to scan for malware in near real-time to support your organization’s cloud data protection objectives and security posture.

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