Malwarebytes for Finance and Banking Institutions

Because money and malware never sleep.

Challenges Finance faces

Visibility into Endpoints

Visibility into Endpoints

Financial institutions often struggle to obtain useful optics into, and situational awareness from, the security status of their endpoints. In fact, financial institutions report that advanced threats remain undetected on infected endpoints for 98 days on average (dwell time).*

Regulatory compliance

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), SOX, and an alphabet soup of regulatory agencies and acts require strict compliance, often with cybersecurity mandates that include endpoint security directives. Failure to meet these requirements can result in stiff fines.

Regulatory compliance
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Reputation protection

Trust is critical for customer acquisition and retention, so financial institutions find themselves especially vulnerable to the reputational damage caused by security breaches. Damage to brand and image takes far longer to repair than that done to the compromised IT infrastructure itself.

* Source: Advanced Threats in Financial Services and Retail: A Study of North America & EMEA, Ponemon Institute, May 2015

Threats Finance faces


Malicious software holds financial data for ransom, interrupting productivity and putting trades and money transfers at risk.

Email phishing

Customers bombarded with fake emails claiming to be from banks and financial institutions to collect personal information and credentials.

Threat proliferation

Malware spreading across networked endpoints via infected email attachments or compromised files passed amongst employees.

Advanced persistent threats (APTs)

Cyber threats aimed at banks and banking technology vendors are "persistent, adaptive and sophisticated."

Identity theft

Hackers successfully posed as banks in text messaging to steal customer account information and passwords.

Social engineering

Cybercriminals used publicized details of executives to trick employees into initiating wire transfers or opening spoofed emails with malicious attachments.

How Malwarebytes can help

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Centrally protects financial organizations' endpoints against known and unknown attacks via cloud-based platform. Next-gen endpoint protection employs multiple layered protection technologies in a single unified agent to detect and block advanced threats, including ransomware.

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Malwarebytes Incident Response

Rapid, lightweight solution detects and removes advanced threats from Windows and Mac endpoints. Scans and cleans infected endpoints remotely using an extensible cloud-based platform. Forensic Timeliner gathers system events surrounding breaches so the security team can address security gaps and reduce malware dwell-time.

Malwarebytes is money

wunderlich logo

Malwarebytes has been like having another staff member on our team. It's a big win for our department and company.
Aaron Goodwin
Chief Information Officer

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Malwarebytes delivers the critical defenses we need to make sure that anything malicious or suspicious is identified, quarantined, and destroyed appropriately.
Bill Packer
Chief Information Officer

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The threat environment is just going to get worse and the bad actors continuously get more clever. That's just the kind of risk we won't take. Malwarebytes makes sure we don't.
Russell Heelan
Network Administrator

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Malwarebytes is a very effective tool. It's enabling us to enhance our overall endpoint security strategy with much better protection of our endpoints. And it's making the process much faster and easier for everyone.
Garfield Rodriguez
Group IT and Data Security

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