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Why you need cybersecurity

Threats have evolved

Threats have evolved

Hackers are constantly changing their tactics, and their targets. Android devices have become the second most popular target of cyberattacks, and Mac malware increased by 270% in 2017 alone.

You have more to lose

You have more to lose

An infected computer used to mean a few lost documents and a broken machine. Today, an infection could cost you your privacy, your identity, or thousands of dollars.

Built-in security isn't enough

Built-in security isn't enough

Manufacturers are upping their security, but even the most secure operating system can’t stop you from falling for a phishing attack that tricks you into sharing your information.

What the data says

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81+ million online threats were created for Windows in 2017.2

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Mac malware rose by 270% in 2017, and iOS is a growing target of phishing scams.

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Android devices are the second most popular target of cyberattacks, after Windows PCs.

What makes Malwarebytes different?

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It’s faster

Every Malwarebytes product is designed to have a minimal impact on performance, and our scans typically take less than a minute. Protect your device without slowing it down.

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It’s smarter

Malwarebytes Premium uses multiple layers of security to protect you from online threats. It can even use artificial intelligence to identify threats no one has ever seen. Block malware, ransomware, scam sites, and whatever threat comes next.

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It’s easier

Malwarebytes makes cybersecurity simple with an intuitive design that helps you spend more time using your device and less time worrying about cybersecurity. Stop fiddling with settings and get back to using your devices.

Don't take our word for it

Malwarebytes recently saved me from ransomware.

David Wakefield

I'm a computer repair freelancer. I can't tell you how many computers I've fixed over the years with this program.


I ran a scan, and Malwarebytes removed five malwares. I love this product!

S.C. Mema

Tech genius approved

AV Test Award Best Repair Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
Malwarebytes recieves Opswat Gold Certified Product Type
Malwarebytes is Checkmark Certified
Mawlarebytes gets 4.5 Stars on CNET
Mawlarebytes gets Outstanding Editorial Rating from Download

Get Malwarebytes for free

Your free download includes basic features and a trial of Malwarebytes Premium.


Remove malware for free. Upgrade to Premium to add layers of protection and stop infections before they happen.


Get rid of Mac malware for free. Upgrade to Premium to add active protection against adware, ransomware, and more.


Remove malware and run a privacy check for free. Upgrade to Premium to block scam sites, spam calls, and more.


Block ads, ad trackers, and scam texts for free. Upgrade to Premium to block scam sites and stop spam calls.

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1Source of "333,318 new threats" claim: AV-Test Security Report 2017-2018

2Source of “81+ million online threats were created for Windows in 2017” claim: AV-Test Security Report 2017-2018

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