Malwarebytes OneView and ConnectWise

Malwarebytes integrates best-in-class endpoint security with ConnectWise workstreams to streamline MSP business operations.


Maximize ROI of your ConnectWise investment

ConnectWise investment
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Streamline your endpoint security program

Fully leverage Malwarebytes best-in-class endpoint security and management functionality—directly from your ConnectWise tools. The ConnectWise integration lets MSPs easily manage Malwarebytes endpoint protection, billing, customer management, and other work streams all from within the ConnectWise solution.


Hosted integration, no code for MSPs to maintain


Increases ROI of your ConnectWise investment

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Streamlines your endpoint security program

Automate integration

ConnectWise Automate integration

Integrating Malwarebytes endpoint security with ConnectWise Automate enhances your MSP business productivity, eliminates manual efforts, and drives greater value from your ConnectWise investment.

With data exchange between Malwarebytes OneView and ConnectWise Automate, MSPs can deliver strong client endpoint security from within their existing work streams. MSPs can configure and administer the latest Malwarebytes scanning and remediation capabilities from within ConnectWise Automate, reducing manual steps in their endpoint security process to save time and respond more quickly to customer threats.


Reduces manual tasks in your endpoint security program

Business Continuity

Ensures your customers’ business continuity

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Drives new value from your ConnectWise Automate workflows

Manage integration

ConnectWise Manage integration

The Malwarebytes integration with ConnectWise Manage keeps your customer data up-to-date, so you can streamline your billing, service ticketing, and account management. With current Malwarebytes customer data, it’s fast and easy to process invoices in your ConnectWise Manage solution.

The integration provides awareness of malware attacks and automatically generates a ticket, saving staff resources and reducing response times. Detailed endpoint information captured and shared with ConnectWise Manager provides a deeper understanding on the status of your customers’ endpoints.

Reduces manual efforts for managing customers

Automatically keep customer data in sync

Enhances visibility into customer endpoints

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