Malwarebytes integrates award-winning endpoint security with Kaseya workstreams to improve MSP operations and ROI

Maximize endpoint management and protection efficiency

Malwarebytes’ award-winning endpoint security and management functionality can be fully accessed from directly within Kaseya tools. The Kaseya integrations keep managed service providers (MSPs) effective and productive by making key functions like customer endpoint management, license subscription management, reporting, and policy management available directly where they already do work: Kaseya.

Fully hosted integration, maintenance free for MSPs

Maximize ROI on Kaseya investment

Harnesses OneView’s ever-evolving set of security features

Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA) integration

Simplified agent deployment

Easily install Malwarebytes OneView agent on new endpoints managed by Kaseya VSA.

Instant protection

OneView agent’s default security settings and controls provide immediate customer endpoint protection.

Endpoint status monitoring

View endpoint installation and threat library update statuses in the Kaseya VSA console.

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Kaseya Business Management Systems (BMS) integration

Reduced manual effort

Automatically captures endpoint information, detects attacks, generates support tickets, and shares it all with Kaseya BMS.

Enhanced visibility

Displays OS version, IP address, MAC address, protection service version, installation date, policy, and last known user.

Automated billing and customer data syncing

Malwarebytes seats are automatically billed and license usage is synced with Kaseya BMS contracts.

Simplify billing efforts with automation

Allow a higher level of customer service and support

Grants full visibility into endpoint status

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