Managed Detection And Response (MDR) For MSPs

Malwarebytes MDR provides a powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation service with 24x7 alert monitoring and investigations, perfectly suited to drive growth of your MSP business.

Remove your team constraints and move to Malwarebytes MDR



Boost constrained team resources

Hiring and retaining skilled security staff is a global challenge. Our highly-experienced MDR Analysts become an extension of your team.



Free your team from alert fatigue

Never ending cyber-attacks continually flood your customers with threat alerts. Malwarebytes MDR monitors and triages threats on your behalf freeing your team.



Reduce dwell time of hidden threats

Team bandwidth and skills gaps can limit MSPs from hunting unseen threats. Malwarebytes MDR finds and removes hidden threats based on past IOCs, reducing dwell time and impact to your customers.

Malwarebytes MDR provides 24x7 alert monitoring, flexible remediation options, and threat hunting. Packaged and priced to help you grow your MSP business.

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Key Features of Malwarebytes MDR

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24/7 monitoring

We monitor, investigate, and address threats across your customer endpoints day and night. We’ve got you covered.

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Skilled MDR Analysts

Our team of security experts are accomplished threat hunters and incident responders with decades of combined experience triaging and mitigating complex malware threats. 

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Remediation YOUR way

Our MDR Team can actively remediate threats as they are discovered OR provide highly actionable guidance for your team to follow in their own remediation efforts. It's your choice.

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Behavior monitoring

Our MDR Team hunts unseen threats based on past indicators of compromise and near real-time intelligence on emerging threats in your region. 

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Highly contextual alerts 

Notification and alerts sent by our MDR Team are highly contextual and thorough, enabling MSP security analysts of all skill levels to clearly understand the status and threat response activities across threatened endpoints. 

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Rapid set-up 

Malwarebytes EDR is known for ease of set-up, allowing your team to rapidly onboard new customer endpoints into our 24x7 MDR service. 

MDR Packaged and Priced for your MSP Business Growth

When you offer Malwarebytes MDR as a 24x7 security service to your customers, you create a new opportunity to accelerate growth of your monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Our affordable MDR pricing is structured to enable high margins across any number of customers or endpoints, providing your MSP with a strong opportunity for growth.
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Let Us Streamline Your MDR Sales and Marketing

With customizable solution briefs, email templates, social media posts, and more, our pre-packaged MDR sales and marketing kits provide your MSP business with everything you need to be successful offering Malwarebytes MDR to your customers.

MDR Buyers Guide for MSPs

Looking for more information before you select your MDR provider? Our MDR Buyers Guide provides helpful guidance on the critical capabilities and market entry considerations that will help you evaluate your MDR options.

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