April 13, 2022

Malwarebytes Achieves Prestigious Product Recognition and Adds New CISO, Laura Whitt-Winyard

Company achieves high-scores in MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK test, wins new industry awards while expanding prevention and remediation capabilities

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 13, 2022MalwarebytesTM, a global leader in real-time cyberprotection, today announced surging momentum in the company’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Endpoint Protection (EP) offerings, marked by top performances in third-party industry testing and expanded product capabilities. Additional recognitions from industry analysts and organizations underscore the amplified strength of the company’s overall offerings, as well as an enhanced testing focus and new security leadership.

High Scores in EDR and EP Testing

Malwarebytes announced the results of its MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK assessment, which demonstrated the company’s industry-leading and steadily improving EDR capabilities for both Windows and macOS workstations. Overall, Malwarebytes registered strong results, positioned as a leader among other peers assessed. Among other key findings, this year’s assessment revealed Malwarebytes’ particular strength in:

  • Visibility – Malwarebytes scored a 92% on Visibility, its most significant year-over-year improvement, and a reflection of its ability to quickly and efficiently detect any warning signs and/or malicious activity requiring a response from users.
  • Protection – Malwarebytes received a perfect 100% score in its Protection assessment, meaning that its EDR solution stopped every tested cyberthreat before it reached a machine, without any need for changes in configuration settings to achieve total protection.
  • Quality of Alerts – Malwarebytes scored a 98% in the Alert Quality category, meaning that not only does the company’s EDR product identify potentially problematic activity, but that in virtually every instance it also provides users with the highest-quality and actionable alerts to address those threats.

In addition to continued growth in Malwarebytes’ EDR offering, the company was also recognized by MRG Effitas for its EP capabilities. In MRG Effitas’ most recent Q4 2021 Assessment & Certification, Malwarebytes followed up on a strong Q3 performance by achieving certifications across the 360-degree Assessment, Exploit, Online Banking, and Ransomware categories, cementing the company’s status as a leading provider of Endpoint Protection solutions.

Continuing with recent award success, Malwarebytes scored a perfect test in the November/December 2021 AV Test results (10/10 attacks, 45/45 possible points) and earned the Advanced rating in the Advanced Threat Protection test. Full results can be viewed here: 29 Protection Solutions against Data Stealers and Ransomware under Windows 10 (av-test.org)

“Our latest test results and awards recognitions mark only the beginning of what we are accomplishing this year at Malwarebytes. We continue to add new features and functionality that meet the needs of our customers, making their experience with our platform easier than ever,” said Barry Mainz, COO of Malwarebytes. “In addition to our renowned remediation and prevention capabilities, our strong roadmap for this year addresses real-world cybersecurity concerns for SMBs, streamlining management so they can focus on building their own businesses rather than worrying about cybersecurity.”

New Security Leadership

Malwarebytes’ marked improvement in testing performance aligns with enhanced focus on product and new leadership including award-winning Chief Information Security Officer Laura Whitt-Winyard, who joined the company early this year. Whitt-Whinyard has achieved distinction as a Fellow at the Institiute for Critical Infrastructure Technology. As a Fellow, she contributed to the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s report on cybersecurity plus The Cybershield Act S.965 of the 117th Congress. She is also an International Advisory Board Member and Women in Technology board member at HMG Strategy.

With a unique and wide-ranging track record of executive leadership spanning more than two decades in the cybersecurity industry, Whitt-Winyard is among the foremost security leaders in her field today. She brings with her a deeply technical background rooted in her past experience as a security engineer, which in turn has helped drive immediate progress in Malwarebytes’ offerings.

“Throughout my career, I have been motivated by a personal commitment to helping both individuals and enterprises better assess and address their cybersecurity risk and exposure,” said Whitt-Winyard. “I am extremely excited to be joining an organization that cares so deeply at its core about democratizing access to a safe digital experience. I look forward to leading an amazing team of security experts at Malwarebytes as we continue to instill the highest levels of trust with our customers”

Fresh Industry Recognition

In addition to strong results in industry testing and assessments, Malwarebytes also announced a pair of third-party recognitions that further underscore the continued development and maturity of its overall solutions.

Specifically, the company was named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice winner for the North America region. Furthermore, Malwarebytes was a two-time winner in the Globee 18th Annual Cybersecurity Global Excellence Awards, receiving recognition for both its EDR capabilities as well as an ongoing campaign aimed at providing cybersecurity support for underserved communities.

A Path to Future Growth

Malwarebytes also continues to develop its EDR offering, adding support for Linux to support of Mac and Windows products. With Linux support, Malwarebytes now provides cutting-edge protection and response capabilities across customers’ entire Linux estates; including web servers and workstations.

Malwarebytes continues to enhance search functionality, ease of use through device-control and in-platform features to make billing and subscription management seamless for users. These developments advance the company’s goal of providing efficient and effective cybersecurity solutions with a simplified and streamlined experience for end users.

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