View License Details

If you have purchased an annual subscription for Premium services, this page is accessible from the Dashboard via both the View Details and My Account links. A screenshot of the page is shown below.

This page shows your license key, the license state, and how long the license is valid for. If you have a lifetime license, the word "Lifetime" will be displayed here instead of the number of days remaining. If you require technical support or license support, information from this page will be requested from you. In addition to this information, there are links in the bottom right corner which allow you to Deactivate or Change License.


Clicking this link brings up a prompt asking you to confirm that you want to deactivate your license. This is a method you could use as part of transferring your Malwarebytes subscription to another computer. Deactivating your license causes Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to change from Premium mode to Free mode.

Change License

Clicking this link brings up a screen so that you can enter a new Key (or ID and Key) to replace those that are currently in use. (The dual licensing scheme was discussed in Activation earlier in this guide.) The screen for each licensing scheme is shown here.

This would be a preferred method if you received a new product license.