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360 Assesment
Level 1 Certified
Online Banking
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Trend Micro
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"Malwarebytes's results underscore the effectiveness and importance of leveraging machine-learning driven processes to combat novel forms of malware and prevent false positives." -MRG Effitas
G2 Endpoint Protection Platform Leader Fall 2023

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"Powerful, easy to manage security product backed by exceptional support & service."

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Why Malwarebytes?

All-in-one endpoint security portfolio that combines many layers of protection, threat intelligence, and human expertise in an easy-to-use solution, to secure organizations without requiring an army of IT staff from the latest threats including ransomware, malware, viruses and other attacks.
Prevent More
Pre- and post-execution protection immediately stops threats at every stage of the attack cycle.
  1. 1. Anti-Ransomware Protection
  2. 2. Malware Scans
  3. 3. Anti-Exploit Protection
  4. 4. Web Protection
  5. 5. Brute Force Protection
  6. 6. Anti-tampering
  7. 7. TI/CT Proactive Threat Hunting*
Detect Earlier
AI, ML and signature technologies detect and interrupt payload delivery before malicious actions can be performed.
  1. 8. Anomaly Detection
  2. 9. Ransomware Detection
  3. 10. AI-Based Detection for Zero Day Attacks
  4. 11. Living-Off-The-Land Attack Detection
  5. 12. Retrospective Threat Hunting*
Respond Faster
Human-led investigation coupled with powerful EDR technology identifies and remediates advanced and persistent threats.
  1. 13. Alert Investigation & Validation*
  2. 14. Fileless IOCs Investigation*
  3. 15. Auto Remediation (Quarantine)
  4. 16. Expert Remediation (Analyst)*
  5. 17. Isolation (Network, Process, Desktop)
  6. 18. Suspicious File Analysis (Cloud Sandbox)*
  7. 19. Active Response Shell
Recover Fully
Patented Linking Engine completely removes all malware traces, artifacts and configuration changes, to prevent ransomware reinfection.
  1. 20. Ransomware Rollback
  2. 21. Complete Artifact Removal
  3. 22. Remediation Guidance*
*Feature includes human experience as part of our MDR product
TI/CT: Threat Intelligence, Community Threats, IOCs: Indicators of Compromise

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Malwarebytes MDR

Managed Detection and Response provides threat detection and remediation services with 24x7 monitoring and investigations.
  • Forget re-imaging
  • Forget false alerts
  • Forget extra SOC build outs
  • Forget the skills gaps
  • Forget alert fatigue
  • Forget ransomware
  • Forget downtime

Detect earlier.
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