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Challenges schools face


Wide open campuses

Sensitive personal information and intellectual property is difficult to secure because it's stored and shared across multiple departments. In addition, students access data and submit assignments through secured and unsecured networks.



Many schools struggle with inadequate technology infrastructure due to slashed budgets, limited IT staff, and outdated equipment.


Diverse Endpoints

IT staff supports a mix of school-provided and student-owned devices from different manufacturers running different operating systems—each with their own software vulnerabilities and risks.

Threats schools face

Threat proliferation

Threat proliferation

Malware spreading across endpoints, like infected homework emailed to professors or compromised files uploaded to class webpages or portals.

Email phishing

Email phishing

Staff and students redirected to malicious websites.

Botnet attacks

Botnet attacks

Student and campus computing resources infected and hijacked.



Malware and scams delivered via infected ads on popular websites that students visit.



Campus storage arrays and student machines attacked and encrypted—data held for ransom.

Unwanted programs

Unwanted programs

Potentially unwanted programs and modifiers downloaded, slowing down computer performance.

How Malwarebytes can help

Campus systems

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Centrally protects campus endpoints against known and unknown attacks using multi-vector protection.

Malwarebytes Incident Response

Rapid, lightweight Windows and Mac remediation managed by cloud-based platform. Use it to sweep servers and storage arrays for malware. Also a perfect solution for large schools supporting student endpoints across campus.

Students and alumni

Malwarebytes for Windows

Automatically and instantly stops malware threats on Windows computers and laptops.

Malwarebytes for Mac

Removes malware and adware from Mac computers.

Malwarebytes for Android

Protects Android smartphones, tablets, and Google Chromebooks from malware, infected applications, and unauthorized surveillance.

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High marks for Malwarebytes

"Since Malwarebytes, we’ve had no more ransomware or advanced malware infections. Malwarebytes stopped high volumes of adware, Trojans, access to malicious websites, PUPs, and exploits—more than one billion threats to date."

Brian Bartlett

Systems Administrator, Assistant Director of Information Technology
Southern Wesleyan University


"Since we replaced Sophos, we just don't see the problems we used to. Malwarebytes takes care of it."

Pat Kustok

Computer Technician
Reavis High School


"We have far less after-the-fact remediation, we haven't had any ransomware incidents, and I haven't touched Malwarebytes since deployment."

Gareth Edwards

Technical Lead, Information Services
University of Central Lancashire


"We know that protection is consistently deployed across our systems without affecting teacher and staff productivity. It just works."

Jeff Davis

Director of Technology and Information
Standard School District


"The most significant benefit of Malwarebytes is protection from ransomware, exploits, and other malware. We haven’t had any outbreaks since 2014. It was money well spent."

Farukh Zeeshan

Chief Information Officer
Royal Veterinary College, University of London


"Malwarebytes made it possible to knock down the Emotet infection in twenty days without taking down our network. It’s great to detect infections but to have a solution that also isolates and disinfects the infection is huge. I believe Malwarebytes has a powerful solution, and no one currently has anything close to it."

Joseph Sutorius

Chief Information Officer
East Irondequoit Central School District



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