Malwarebytes Premium Services

Premium Services

Premium support from the most trusted name in cybersecurity

Malwarebytes offers Premium Support package options to meet the needs of global businesses, small and large, by helping accelerate return on your Malwarebytes business solutions.


Designed for businesses that need production support

  • Includes standard support
  • 24×7 severity 1 support
  • Priority case routing

Malwarebytes Implementation Service

Designed to accelerate the deployment of your new Malwarebytes security product, a Malwarebytes Implementation Specialist will guide your team through:

  • Deployment planning
  • Policy setup
  • Deployment
  • Deployment review

Is your organization under attack right now?

Step 1: Take a deep breath. Step 2: Squash that invasion with our Malware Removal Service. We’ll quickly assign a Malware Removal Specialist to help your team identify the issue, eliminate that malware, and then restore your system to a pristine state.