Malwarebytes Mobile Security: Scam Blocker & VPN for iOS

Your iPhone or iPad just got an upgrade. Malwarebytes for iOS now includes a full-featured VPN to help keep your connections private no matter where you are.

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Block scams and secure your smartphone or tablet

Our powerful app scans for robocalls and aggressively detects fake texts, phishy links, malicious sites, and annoying ad trackers.

Now includes a next-gen VPN that is just a click away

Using the latest VPN technology, WireGuard® protocol, you can enjoy more online privacy, while being faster than traditional VPNs:

  • Faster than OpenVPN or older protocols and less lag
  • More efficient and sophisticated encryption than traditional AES 256bit VPNs

Trustworthy–absolutely no logging policy

We do not collect user logs or telemetry data whatsoever (this is the simplified explanation, for more information click here.)

Also works on iPads!

The current app is optimized for iPhones, but iPad users can still take advantage of Web Protection and Ad Blocking for a cleaner Internet experience while browsing with Safari. For iPad users, we recommend adding our free Safari browser extension.


No. Family Sharing only works on the free version of Malwarebytes for iOS. Premium features
are limited to the purchaser’s Apple ID.

To learn more about Family Sharing restrictions, head to
the following link:

The malware scanner isn’t available on iOS. It is not possible for an iOS app to scan for malware. Fortunately, the risk of getting malware on an iOS device is low and Apple has a stringent review process regarding app admission into the App Store.

Devices running iOS version 14 or higher with an active Internet connection

Tech specs

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Supported operating systems

iOS, iPadOS 15 and later

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Languages supported

English, French, and Spanish

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Download Malwarebytes for iOS, only available on the App Store.

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