NEW! Identity Theft Protection

Now it’s easy to secure you and your family’s identity with real-time monitoring, robust credit protection, live agent-supported identity recovery, and up to $2 million in identity theft insurance. Because let’s face it, an incognito window can only do so much.

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Benefits of Identity Theft Protection

Malwarebytes’ identity theft protection services offer a wide range of features to keep your and your family’s personal information safe.
Depending on your plan, features fall into 3 categories:


Identity Monitoring
& Alerts

Alerts you if your personal information is being illegally traded or sold across the dark web and other sources and recommends actions to take to protect yourself.


Credit Monitoring
& Reporting

Ongoing tracking of your credit for critical changes, such as new accounts or inquiries. Our specialists can also help you initiate a credit freeze.


Identity Recovery
& Resolution

Identity theft incident assistance to navigate the complex process of reporting the crime, disputing fraudulent charges, restoring your identity, and recouping financial losses. Includes up to $2 million identity theft insurance policy.

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Some of the plans described on this page are available in the United States of America and US Territories only.  For plans available in other countries, refer to our international plans.

Identity Theft Protection products are not available in all countries or territories. See here for details.

Malwarebytes EssentialMalwarebytes AdvancedMalwarebytes Ultimate
Identity Threat Alerts
Dark Web Monitoring
Fraud Alert Reminders
Fully Managed Restoration
Lost Wallet Assistance
Toll-free Customer Service
Identity Theft Insurance$1 million$1 million$2 million
Social Media Monitoring
Credit Monitoring*1 bureau3 bureaus

*The credit scores provided are based on the VantageScore ® 3.0 model. Lenders use a variety of credit scores and are likely to use a credit score different from VantageScore ® 3.0 to assess your credit worthiness.

A Social Security number is required for plans that include credit monitoring (Advanced & Ultimate).

Confused about what to get?

Malwarebytes Identity

Includes ongoing monitoring, rapid alerts, and recovery services to keep personal information safe – all backed by a $1 million insurance policy.

Best if you want identity protection and may already have credit monitoring from another service.

Malwarebytes Identity

Includes everything in Malwarebytes Identity Essential PLUS extensive social media monitoring and monthly credit reporting from 1 bureau.

Best if you want to have increased identity theft protection AND credit monitoring services all in one place.

Malwarebytes Identity

Includes everything in Malwarebytes Identity Advanced PLUS financial asset monitoring, 3 bureau monthly credit reporting, and up to $2 million in insurance coverage.

Best if you want the most comprehensive coverage and want additional protection for investments and financial assets.

Get comprehensive security with one of our plans.

Our Essential, Advanced and Ultimate plans all include Premium SecurityBrowser Guard and Privacy VPN.

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Breach IQ

Identity Threat Alert

Dark Web Monitoring

Fraud Alert Reminders

Smart Social Security Number (SSN) Tracker

Social Media Identity Monitoring

Advanced Dark Web Monitoring

Fully Managed Restoration Services

Identity Theft Insurance


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