Malwarebytes Cloud Storage Scanning

Malwarebytes Cloud Storage Scanning (CSS) service extends Nebula malware scanning options to include files stored in Box or other cloud storage repositories that are part of your organization’s digital ecosystem.

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Reduce risk from cloud-based malware, without slowing down your business.

Delivering actionable intelligence through the Nebula console, Malwarebytes CSS uses a unique multi-engine, vendor-agnostic scanning approach that is purpose-built to detect sophisticated threats across Box and other vendors’ cloud repositories. Our unique approach ensures high and fast threat detection with few false positives, helping you protect the health of your enterprise data and entire digital ecosystem.

Managing threats in cloud-based storage can create business challenges

Threats to cloud data continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. But protecting cloud data is typically complex and insecure because it introduces the need for multiple management consoles, which preclude the far stronger security that only single-pane-of-glass visibility can offer. Compounding this complexity is the need to comply with data regulations and to meet cyberinsurance requirements. Not surprisingly, many businesses consider cloud threat prevention and compliance reporting pressing priorities.

Malwarebytes CSS makes finding threats easy


Malwarebytes CSS offers superior protection of cloud data by seamlessly integrating Box and other cloud storage repositories with Nebula. Detect and remediate threats to cloud data and enterprise endpoints alike—all from within our user-friendly, cloud-based console.


Take advantage of deeper, faster cloud malware scanning. Schedule full scans to run daily, weekly, or monthly or run them on demand. Then optimize performance with a continuous scan to automatically check only new and modified cloud files.


Malwarebytes cloud-based security platform can be deployed in under a day. Once deployed, customers can immediately add more services, including Cloud Storage Scanning, which they can configure and run within minutes.

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Help prevent threats to cloud data while delivering safer, more productive web access using the cloud-based security platform renowned for effective remediation: Nebula. Malwarebytes CSS extends Malwarebytes Incident Response, Endpoint Protection, and Endpoint Detection and Response solutions to enhance threat prevention initiatives.

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Reduce the risk of experiencing a cloud data breach - without slowing down your business - with Malwarebytes Cloud Storage Scanning.

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