Speed up remediation, reduce overhead, and get more out of your current systems with our best-in-class platform integrations.

Streamline your security
operations and response

Malwarebytes enables organizations to maximize their endpoint security and
prevent ransomware by easily integrating third-party capabilities with Malwarebytes
for Business products. Our platform integrations connect Malwarebytes products to
leading platforms from ServiceNow, IBM, Splunk, Microsoft, ConnectWise, and more.


  • Respond faster to security events
  • Reduce security service overhead
  • Increase threat intelligence and awareness
  • Lower Time to Mitigation (TTM)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI)


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Enrich your threat intelligence with SIEM integrations

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Streamline security operations with SOAR integrations

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Optimize your threat response with SIEM integrations

Explore the integrations

  • RMM/pSA
  • SIEM

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Professional Services Automation (PSA) platforms

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ConnectWise Automate helps managed service providers (MSPs) protect their clients from malware. Integrating with Malwarebytes allows MSPs to sync data between both solutions and deliver strong client endpoint security. Together, ConnectWise Automate and Malwarebyte’s OneView console boost productivity by eliminating manual tasks and blocking malware that threatens clients’ businesses.


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ConnectWise Manage is a business process tool that organizes IT departments around a single system. Malwarebytes integration helps managed service providers (MSPs) consolidate billing, sales, customer management, and more across their IT and security tools. Together, ConnectWise Manage and Malwarebyte’s OneView console boost productivity by eliminating manual tasks and blocking malware.


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Datto RMM enables remote monitoring and management of endpoints. Malwarebytes integration makes it fast and easy to deploy and remove the OneView agent from client endpoints, and provides visualization into the ‘update status’ of threat definition libraries, making it simple to ensure endpoints are up to date with maximum malware protection.


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Autotask PSA enables MSPs to provide a higher level of endpoint security to clients and simplify their business practice. With simplified management of tickets, alerts, billing, and customer configuration the Malwarebytes integration increases awareness of new security threats and streamlines daily management of customers, enabling more time for net new projects, new business growth, and increased monthly revenue.


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Atera’s RMM platform empowers IT teams of all sizes to maximize efficiency while transforming to a streamlined remote work environment by analyzing over 60,000 data points per second, 24/7. The Malwarebytes integration enables MSPs to provision new OneView licenses and streamlines deployment of the OneView agent across endpoints, all from within the Atera UI.

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Kaseya VSA enhances your clients’ security and streamlines your endpoint management capabilities. Malwarebytes integration with Kaseya VSA, an award-winning remote management and monitoring (RMM) platform, helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) protect their clients from malware so they can quickly recover from infections and maintain business continuity.


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BMS captures and displays asset management information on client endpoints, giving MSP teams full visibility into customer endpoints and their status, such as OS version, IP address, MAC address, protection service version, installation date, policy, and last known user.


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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Learn about our SIEM integrations

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Splunk Enterprise Security provides the ability to quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks. Bi-directional integration with Malwarebytes allows security teams to add endpoint intelligence to Splunk, so that they can consolidate and analyze threat data and automate remediation of infected endpoints faster without impacting end-user productivity.


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Microsoft Azure Sentinel delivers intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise. Integration with Malwarebytes enables teams to proactively sweep managed and unmanaged endpoints for threats using Malwarebytes IR, EP, and EDR applications, integrate endpoint telemetry data with other data sources, and display endpoint telemetry data for SOC responders.

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Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Learn about Our SOAR Integrations

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Malwarebytes and Stellar Cyber focus on delivering products that meet the needs of resource-constrained security teams. Now, the power of our independent products combined to deliver a comprehensive security platform to produce consistent security outcomes across all environments; on-premises, cloud, and anything in between.

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Splunk Phantom helps automate security tasks and integrate various security technologies. The Malwarebytes App for Splunk Phantom enables Malwarebytes Nebula to be automated from within Phantom.


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Cortex XSOAR by Palo Alto Networks enables security responders to collaboratively investigate threats and suspicious activity, and close Malwarebytes incidents in the Cortex XSOAR war room. Integration allows teams to automate response actions and enables security teams to focus on high-priority tasks.

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