Malwarebytes Managed Threat Hunting

Identify Hidden Intruders
Before They Attack

Managed Threat Hunting (MTH) is a 24/7 service that proactively identifies and then alerts customers to potential threats before an active attack begins. Using threat intelligence, MTH hunts for events and indicators of the concern or compromises (IOCs) that are hidden, overlooked or were previously unknown.

Never miss another threat

Managed Threat Hunting (MTH) is essential to stop intrusions that evade remediation and cause the greatest damage.

When a threat hunt results in a positive finding, the customer is notified and sent IOC specific guidance with their investigation and remediation.

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of attacks evade detection by automated security tools - and cause the majority of damage.

IBM Security - Master Threat Hunting Report - 2018


of organizations report improvements in speed and accuracy of response due to threat hunting.

SANS Institute


of endpoint security alerts ignored. Organizations that monitor their network suffer from security alerts fatigue and fail to recognize IOCs.

21 day

intruder dwell times lead to severe breaches. The more indicators of concern or compromise that are missed, the longer a cybercriminal can lurk in your network.


Never miss another threat

Guided notifications add a layer of visibility into endpoint security alerts, surfacing the most critical IOCs to the attention of IT staff.

Reduce stress on IT staff

MTH eliminates the stress of dealing with volumes of alerts and missed threats by using threat intelligence to hunt for critical indicators of concern of compromise.

Cut time and cost of remediation

By escalating specific incidents for review, MTH accelerates threat response times, reducing the cost of remediation, potential downtime, and recovery.

Mitigate the risk of breach

MTH finds hidden intruders sooner, reducing their dwell time and potential for damage, which mitigates the risk of a crippling breach.

Avoid new security hires

MTH adds and extra layer of expertise against ransomware and other advanced threats, at a fraction of the cost of new hires.


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Proactive Hunts

MTH leverages internal and external threat intelligence to seek out hidden threats before a new attack can begin.

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Guided Notifications

Customers receive guided notifications, based on severity of threat and type of IOC, to help with their investigation and remediation.

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Integrated with EDR

MTH is purpose-built for Malwarebytes EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) customers and MSPs (Managed Service Providers).

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Included with MDR

MTH is included in Malwarebytes MDR (Managed Detection and Response) for customers who need 24/7 network monitoring, investigation, remediation, and threat hunting in one service.

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