Empowering the modern endpoint

Digital transformation provides the promise of growth. Digital transformation powered by a secure endpoint ensures organizations grow safely.

Security that drives productivity

Digital transformation drives growth. And while support for a remote workforce, BYOD policies, and cloud applications have increased workforce productivity, these initiatives make organizations more vulnerable to attack. Successful transformation requires a modern endpoint that is secure, yet accessible.

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Securing the modern endpoint

Only 47% of initial vectors of cyberattacks are detected by antivirus tools, according to SANS Institute. Security teams must therefore assemble multiple security products to combat the gap in their security posture within the “new security perimeter.”

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How security can make us all superheroes

Remote working remains a significant security challenge. With many job opportunities in cities with high real estate prices and clogged freeways, remote work is a trend that will only continue. Yet with that workplace flexibility comes security challenges. Changing working habits requires securing remote work the right way.

Be malware aware

The last year has seen ransomware hobble supply chains, discussed by world leaders, and hunted by militaries. Understand the implications for your organization, including:

  • Current and forecasted threats
  • Analysis by industry/sector
  • Cybersecurity trends and more

2022 Threat Review

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APT Using Covid as Lure

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RemoteSec: achieving on-prem security levels with cloud-based remote teams

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Consumerization: a better way to answer cybersecurity challenges