Earn an “A+” in Prevention
and Remediation

Because malware has no place in your curriculum

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Protect Students, Staff, and Their Data

Campus-wide security

Students and educators bring a variety of endpoints onto university, college and K-12/primary campuses. Discover and prevent infections in BYOD academic environments. Campus-wide security

  • Upgrade defenses against phishing attacks
  • Reduce zero-day threats
  • Remediate rootkits and other exploits

Campus-wide security

Day 1 Protection that’s Easy

School districts and colleges deploy our Nebula cloud platform for threat detection and remediation in as little as an hour. Day 1 Protection that’s Easy

  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) that's intuitive for IT teams to maintain
  • Essential for managing a student population of thousands
  • Regain time for higher priority projects

Day 1 Protection that’s Easy

Simplified Management

Focus on Learning

Uncover more vulnerabilities than other endpoint protection products, without interrupting the learning experience. Focus on Learning

  • Threat detection that operates in silence
  • Won’t compromise network bandwidth or user experience
  • Ransomware Rollback avoids weeks of downtime

Focus on Learning

Deliver a Safer, More Secure Learning Environment

“Malwarebytes is a huge success. It keeps teachers teaching, students safer, and allows me to focus on more strategic IT issues. It delivers confidence, which enables me to sleep at night— Sophos did not.”
-- Andre Tomlinson, Network Administrator/IT Manager at All Saints Grammar

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Smart Time Savings with Malwarebytes

“It basically saved us from about a month of downtime, and that’s huge in our world.”
-- Paul Yoder, Head of Cybersecurity at El Camino College

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