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Challenges Healthcare faces

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Budget constraints

Investing in cybersecurity is often overlooked in favor of projects that directly affect patient care, such as building a new hospital wing or adding more beds. However, as cybercriminals continue to target and hold data ransom, patient care is now being impacted by lack of security.

Multiple users & devices

A large number of hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, and technicians, use a wide variety of devices from desktops to mobile devices, MRI machines and other medical equipment. Often these systems are running old operating systems and legacy software.

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Regulatory compliance

IT staff must demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, HITECH, and HITRUST. If not compliant, healthcare companies face not only damages inflicted by potential breaches but also investigative costs, fees, and other penalties.

Threats Healthcare faces


KPMG reports that the top concern of hospital security staff is malware infection systems.


Healthcare is one of the most targeted industries for ransomware, which is shutting down networks and affecting patient care.

Botnet attacks

Hospital, clinic, and other healthcare resources infected and hijacked.

Employee negligence

Employees fall victim to social engineering, including phishing, social media attacks, and tech support scams.

Attacks on devices

Increases in attacks on computer-controlled medical devices as well as mobile devices leave healthcare providers vulnerable.


Computers and medical machinery often operate on antiquated systems no longer supported with security updates, which leaves them vulnerable to infiltration via exploit.

Prognosis good with Malwarebytes

Malware was in our environment and that was a huge source of concern when it comes to maintaining HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance. Now we're sure that malware doesn't even get in to start with.
Paul Feilmeier
IT Infrastructure Manager Faith Regional Health Services

"Malwarebytes is proactive protection. We see it block malware and ransomware every day. It works perfectly for us."
Juan Forero

Lead Info Security Engineer AvMed


"The ability to lock a machine off the network straight away when you identify an issue is fantastic. Just pushing a button to roll a system back is absolutely brilliant. It’s a phenomenal piece of technology."

Phil Shand

Senior Infrastructure Engineer Southern Cross Care


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