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You are important to Malwarebytes

We recognize that relationships built with you and partners like you have been key to our rapid growth as a company. With this in mind, we have designed Partnerbytes, the new Malwarebytes partner program,to make this relationship function even more smoothly. Partnerbytes provides the tools to make selling Malwarebytes products throughout the sales cycle even easier, as well as reward you for selling Malwarebytes products.

Malwarebytes depends on partners to provide our mutual customers with valuable, timely, and accurate security advice in unique and often changing and challenging environments.

Joining the Partner Program will help you build your business, with Malwarebytes resources designed to increase your effectiveness selling Malwarebytes products, specific targeted training to help you identify and close the most profitable sales, and benefits and rewards specifically designed to compensate your successful efforts.

Eligibility to join the program is open to all businesses that resell technology solutions to customers. It is not intended for businesses that resell to other reselling entities.

Together we have a chance to add a zero to our collective business. Join us in our vision to ensure everyone has a right to a malware-free existence.

Partnerbytes FAQs

I used to buy through the portal, will my margins change?
It is not our intent to do this. We are adjusting our pricing to cover the deal registration component. So the standard price is changing. The distributors will set your price based on their process and credit worthiness.

Who are your authorized North America Distributors and how do I get in touch with them?
In North America, our authorized distributors are Synnex, Tech Data, and Xcel Source. Contact them directly at:

  • Arrow Software Team 1-800-544-7674
    Questions about Arrow, their program or how to get set up please contact Justin Stoltz: jstolz@arrow.com
  • Tech Data Software Team 1-888-835-4236 ex. 71515
    Questions about Tech Data, their program or how to get set up please contact Heather Peterika and Tammy Wagner: malwarebytes@techdata.com
  • Synnex Software Team 1-866-226-7532
    Questions about Synnex, their program or how to get set up please contact Anita Eller email: anitae@synnex.com
  • Xcel Source Team 1-877-612-8030
    Questions about Xcel Source, their program or how to get set up please contact Peter Terzievski: sales@xcelsource.com

How did Malwarebytes come up with these tier levels?
The tier leveling was based on revenues over the past 4 rolling quarters. Partners will annualized revenue greater than $250K threshold were given Platinum status, partners with $100k were given Gold and partners less than $100K were given Silver. We readily recognize that for many of these silver partners we have only scratched the surface of business together so there is an opportunity for folks to move up a level in the program as they eclipse these tier levels.

What is deal registration and why are you doing it?
We recognize the influence our partners have with our customers. Previously we treated all opportunities the same, whether the reseller brought it to us or we gave it to the reseller. We understand there is more investment and work required when you bring us an opportunity and we want to reward you for that. Deal registration is a critical metric for the success of our partner eco-system.

What criteria are used to review/approve/deny opportunities from deal registration?
The Malwarebytes Channel Manager will be responsible for the approval or denial of the opportunities being registered via the partner portal. The "lead" will come into them from community portal. It is reviewed against our criteria. If the opportunity is over $2500 (MSRP value) and not a lead or an opportunity that is already being worked on by Malwarebytes, it will be approved. Please note that currently only business and enterprise product families can qualify for deal registration. Premium versions of Malwarebytes products do NOT qualify. We should be able to turn these around in 24 hours.

What is the new Partnerbytes portal?
It is a conduit between our key partners and Malwarebytes. The new community portal is all things Malwarebytes for resellers. Over time, Partners will find MSRP price list(s), training materials, how-to videos, marketing collateral, white papers, and Malware Threat overviews.

How do I get my leads?
Partners that qualify for leads may get their leads by logging into the Partnerbytes portal. We will send an email notification that a lead is available and they have 2 days to response and act on it. Otherwise we reserve the right to reassign the lead. The channel team will have this responsibility and our CRM tool will help us monitor it. While in Partnerbytes, the lead will be in your queue to review. Once you have contacted the customer and validated the opportunity, you can respond to the lead with your update and it will come to the channel manager to review/convert to an opportunity.

Any other questions please email us at partnerbytes@malwarebytes.com

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