Modern Love
in the Digital Age

The how-to guide on digital sharing for new couples, bad breakups, and committed partners.

Relationships are hard, but the internet made them stranger. Long-standing questions on household responsibilities, merged finances, and whose in-laws to visit for the holidays have made way for digital disagreements: When to track each other’s location, which passwords to divulge, and what, if anything, is off limits?  
Introducing “Modern love in the digital age.” This online resource from Malwarebytes includes important new research on device, password, and account access within relationships, along with specific guidance for people who want to safely share their digital lives with someone they love—or shut off that access from someone who cannot be trusted.

How couples share an all-access pass to their digital lives.

Everybody in a relationship shares some of their digital lives with their partner (no, really, everybody), but, as revealed in this new report, that sharing can come with regret. Even worse, it can be the product of coercion and harassment.  
“What’s mine is yours: How couples share an all-access pass to their digital lives” unveils the true story of device and account access for committed partners, including the 30% who regret sharing location tracking, and the nearly 1 in 3 Gen Z and Millennial partners who said an ex used their accounts to stalk them. 

Location sharing is popular among couples. But is it something you want in your own relationship? 

How to remove someone from a shared device

This blog series details how to remove a partner from a shared device, including Mac computers, Windows devices, and Androids.

How to remove location sharing on a smartphone

This blog series walks readers through the step-by-step process of removing location tracking on iPhones and Android smartphones.  

Car location tracking is becoming a tool of control in situations of domestic abuse. It’s time car companies responded.

In abusive relationships, digital “sharing” looks more like digital control. That extends to the use of spying apps like stalkerware. Scan your device today to stay safe from this uncommon but dangerous cyberthreat. 

Don’t wait for an online harassment campaign to unfairly target you or a loved one. Take these proactive steps today to stay safe.

Digital sharing is the norm in romantic relationships. But some access could leave partners vulnerable to inconvenience, spying, and abuse.