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The domain 55a0716b8c.site was blocked by Malwarebytes because it is associated with riskware.

Malicious behavior

This domain is a streaming platform where users can share content, but its abused to spread PUPs, adware, and links to fraudulent sites.


Malwarebytes blocks the domain 55a0716b8c.site because it is associated with riskware.

Malwarebytes blocks 55a0716b8c.site

Malwarebytes blocks 55a0716b8c.site


Malwarebytes Browser Guard lets trusted websites bypass protection features by adding the URL to the Allow list. Only allow websites you know and trust.

  • In Browser Guard open the menu (click the three stacked dots) and select Allow List.
  • On the Allow list screen, click the +Add website button.
  • Enter the website’s URL or IP address in the Add a URL or IP address field.
  • Alternatively, click the link icon to the right of this field to automatically add the address of the website you are currently on. This option is not available on Safari browser.
  • Click to select one or more of the three available protection settings you want to disable.
  • Click Add to allow list. You should see a notification that the website is added to the Allowed websites list.