Short bio

Android/Monitor.TrackFriend is Malwarebytes' detection name for the app Track Boyfriend, a monitoring app targeteing Android devices.

Type and source of infection

Android/Monitor.TrackFriend is categorized as stalkerware because it can relay:

  • information about calls, emails, and social media posts
  • contact names, email addresses, and phone numbers
It can also monitor dates and times of contacts made with individuals, and number of contacts.

Android/Monitor.TrackFriend is available on third-party platforms, and its own website.


The information relayed by this app can lead to undesirable consequences.


The apps detected as Android/Monitor.TrackFriend can be uninstalled using the mobile devices uninstall functionality, but these apps can be made available under another name. That is where Malwarebytes for Android can help you, by identifying these apps and removing them.

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