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The subdomain pixel.yabidos.com is blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard as a tracker.

Type and source

Trackers are part of a a system to keep track of the behavior of users on a website. Generally speaking this is done as part of the users web browsing history. Websites developers use these trackers to follow the behavior of their visitors on their website and sometimes even after they left their website. This is considered an invasion of their privacy by some users, so Browser Guard offers them the possibility to block trackers.


pixel.yabidos.com block

Browser Guard blocks pixel.yabidos.com


In Browser Guard you can allow certain items by adding them to the “Allow list”

  • In the Browser Guard GUI click the hamburger menu icon (the three vertical dots next to the gear icon).
  • In the dropdown menu click Allow list.
  • Here you can specify the site(s) that the exception will apply to in the form of a URL or an IP address.
  • And you can choose the types of protection that you wish to disable for the site(s). These types are “Ads / Trackers”, “Malware”, “Scams”, and “PUPs”.
  • Then click Done to confirm the exclusion.

pixel.yabidos.com is in the Ads / Trackers category.