Behold...Anti-Malware Man!

Behold…Anti-Malware Man!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

If you have been keeping up with the Malwarebytes Facebook or Twitter pages, you might have heard about the interview done on Category5 TV last night with none other than the newest hero in the fight against malware, ANTI-MALWARE MAN!

To Commemorate the halloween season, the hosts of Category5 TV, Robbie Ferguson & Sasha Dirmeitis, donned their super hero outfits and presented the show as Spiderman and Spidergirl. During the show, they were visited by our own local superhero, Anti-Malware Man; wielding the powers of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and protecting users from the evil doings of cyber-criminals.

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The interview comprised of talking about malware and specifically the one type of malicious cyber attack which can threaten any person using any operating system, Phishing.  Anti-Malware Man provided information on what all internet users need to keep an eye out for, which avenues to be aware of when it comes to phishing and of course how to be protected from phishing attacks.

To watch the video of the interview, head to the web site: Cat5 TV

In addition to talking about phishing attacks and malware, Anti-Malware Man also mentioned our blog, Malwarebytes Unpacked. Spiderman agreed that it was a valuable resource for learning about computer security and keeping users protected from the numerous dangers online.  Be sure to check out Category5 TV’s webisode every Tuesday at 7PM EST to learn about new technologies, interesting trends, news of the cyber world and all kinds of things about Linux, find the link below.

Here are some links mentioned in the interview:

Is this is the last we will see of Anti-Malware Man? I think not, for as long as there are trusting users being exploited by cyber-criminals, Anti-Malware Man will fight. As long as malware spreads to unpatched and unprotected systems, Anti-Malware Man will be there. As long as it is dangerous for anyone from ages 5 to 500 to be threatened by simply going online, Anti-Malware Man will be there! Stay tuned next time for another episode of Malwarebytes Unpacked! Same Anti-Malware Time, Same Anti-Malware URL.

The future is so bright, even Anti-Malware Man has to squint.


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