Malwarebytes mimic site 'Malwarebiter(dot)com' hosts fake anti-malware product and spreads malware.


Do NOT visit 'Malwarebiter(dot)com' unless you are using a secured environment (i.e. Virtual Machine or Sandbox)


A product known as 'Malwarebiter' is being advertised as the 'Worlds Greatest Anti-Malware Software' is actually fake Anti-Malware software that detects legitimate files as malware (i.e. False Positives) and fails to detect any real malware.



In addition, the website for 'Malwarebiter Anti-Malware' spread Zeus Trojan malware via a Java or PDF drive-by exploit and it is not advised to visit this site unless you are using a secured environment such as a sandbox application or virtual machine.


The current detection ratio for a single sample of the downloaded malware, according to VirusTotal, is 6/46:

detection Click the image to see the full VirusTotal scan.

Currently all malware being used in these exploit attacks are detected by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scans with up-to-date definitions as Spyware.Zbot.ED.

We will soon be posting an in-depth report on this threat so stay tuned and stay safe!