Fake and Bundled Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 Abound

Prepare for Unpacked 2.0

For 18 months, Malwarebytes Unpacked has been bringing readers like you news about the latest cyber threats, in-depth analysis of malware and scams, and advice on keeping yourself safe online.

We have grown our team, our purview, our audience and appreciate every single reader for giving us a little bit of their time for the sake of security.


Therefore, to commemorate our time of security blogging, we’ve completely redesigning our blog, Malwarebytes Unpacked!

Malwarebytes Unpacked

It’s Unpacked like you’ve never seen before!

Design Approach

In redesigning Malwarebytes Unpacked, we wanted to concentrate on creating a better environment for our readers through the use of clean lines, brighter colors and a simpler structure.


These key changes helped us redefine our blog identity and as a result Malwarebytes Unpacked now really feels like a world our readers can live in.


The new blog design includes easy navigation methods; and allows our readers to quickly find topics they’re interested in by adding a ton of new categories and an easy way to find them.


We also want to let you know which of our posts are trending by highlighting them on our main page, if 300,000 people are reading one post, it’s probably very important and you shouldn’t have to dig though our blog to find it!

Malwarebytes Unpacked plus sign

Clicking any plus sign will open up the full story for you to  immerse yourself in.

Video Section

Next up is our new Videos section; Malwarebytes makes many videos about malware removal, cyber scams and information about our product.


Now you can easily find them all in one place! This will become increasingly useful as we intend to make many more videos to help our users, readers and their friends/family understand the real threats they face online.

Meet The Authors

If you have kept up with our blog and read many of our posts, you might have some idea about the various authors and their background.


For new readers and just the curious, we have made a completely separate page, just for information about our authors, their backgrounds, interests and what they do at Malwarebytes (beyond just writing blogs).


Sharing posts on our old blog theme wasn’t always the most intuitive function.  We are hoping to change that by making it even easier to share our posts, even without visiting the page themselves!


Rather than visit a blog you have already read, you can share a story on our main page just by clicking on the sharing icons for that listing.  We hope this new method of sharing helps our readers to spread the word about the stories and opinions we provide.

The Future

Our new blog design will be put into play this week! As for future changes, trust me, they will come.  This is just the start of a new generation of Unpacked, clear lines, brighter colors and a more interactive approach are only the beginning of the changes we are making.

We always love reader feedback and are working on new ways for readers to comment and interact with our authors and other readers on our topics.

If there is something about the blog you are not a fan of or if you have a suggestion for a neat new feature, please let us know via comments on this post and/or on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pages. In addition, you could go straight to the source on our forums.

Thanks for reading and the entire team here @ Malwarebytes Unpacked thanks you, the reader, for the last 18 months and the next!



Adam Kujawa

Director of Malwarebytes Labs

Over 14 years of experience fighting malware on the front lines and behind the scenes. Frequently anachronistic.