A Week in Security (April 13 – 19)

A Week in Security (May 25 – 31)

Here’s a review of last week’s posts on Malwarebytes Unpacked:

  • Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Privacy) Senior Security Researcher Jean Taggart discussed Tails, a popular Linux distro, where you can get it, and how it works.
  • A look at a PayPal phish in the making (Fraud/Scam Alert) In this blog, Senior Security Researcher Jérôme Segura detailed his encounter with a phishing page in the middle of its creation, which allowed him access to files in the domain where the phish page was being hosted.
  • Five PE Analysis Tools Worth Looking At (Malware Analysis) Malware Intelligence Analyst Joshua Cannell had put together a list of tools for the budding and advance malware analyst.
  • Battle.net Phish Dupes Gamers with Cheating Accusations (Fraud/Scam Alert) Malware Intelligence Analyst Christopher Boyd found a sneaky phish that, first, accuses spam recipients of cheating, and then leads them to hand over their credentials and answer to their account’s security question.
  • Taking off the Blackshades (Cyber-crime) Malware Threat Intelligence Lead Adam Kujawa took on Blackshades, the potential danger one may encounter who are willing to use RATs for their own personal advantage, the troubles of having such a Trojan installed on a system, and the prediction that RATs will continue to become a threat.
  • Gaming Site is New Home to Spammed Free Movie Links (Security Threat) I revealed several individual profiles and group pages on Steam that contain multiple links to a third-party site that allows users to stream a movie or episode of a TV series online. They may look innocent, albeit spammy, but PUPs may be involved.

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