Are these Free Movies the Reel Deal?

Are these Free Movies the Reel Deal?

Maybe you’d like to see some free movies or TV shows. Perhaps you wandered to


and were impressed by the blurb, which I’m now going to translate – perhaps badly – via the wonders of Google Translate:

How to have a free Netflix account?

Netflix is now available to all. Very easy and simple to get an account! We are giving completely free account!

All you have to do to get Netflix is click the Download Now button! Only delayed about 30 seconds to get netflix account for free!

Free films?

We often see Netflix themed sites used as a bait, so this one immediately caught our eye.

Clicking the download now button doesn’t start any form of download; rather, the clicker will see this instead:


The end-user is presented with a number of surveys and offers, one of which has to be completed to obtain the “free account”. They lead to a variety of places:


Another one:


We tried to “unlock” the supposed text file to see what happened next, by installing two separate offers – a “TV toolbar” and a “We love games community toolbar”.

toolbar 1
toolbar 2

In both cases, nothing was unlocked and we saw no evidence of text files. What we did have, were two potentially unwanted programs which a regular user would only have installed to get the text file in the first place.

You’re better off avoiding sites which promise “free” sign ups to websites and services, and buying directly from the real thing. More often than not, you can never be sure if what you’re receiving is legit or will be shut down by the service provider.

And of course, in many cases what you’ll be getting your hands on after signing up to offers or downloading programs will be little more than thin air.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this show has been cancelled…

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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