Spammers Rice to the Occasion

Spammers Rice to the Occasion

The Freerice website lets visitors take part in a general knowledge quiz and donate rice for every question they answer correctly, and seems to be under attack from movie spammers at time of writing.

Here’s a small selection of group spam leading to movie sign ups and other spam content:

More spam
yet more spam

Here’s a typical spam profile, which as you can see has created 13 spam groups:

Spam profile

The links go to everything from spamblogs which have been taken offline and paid streaming services to WordPress blog logins and articles about how to prepare a menu. Rest assured, I’m as confused as you are.

Food time?

There’s a whole bunch of spam profiles and groups in this run listed on Urlquery. While this sort of spam has appeared on everything from Steam profiles to Soundcloud, it’s particularly distasteful to see it clogging up a resource designed to help people who need food.

Usually these runs only ever link to streaming services, because that’s how they make their money.

In this case, the links are absolutely all over the place and there’s no real way to predict where you’ll end up or what might be offered up to you. As a result, we recommend you resist the temptation to click any links and do something more productive, like answer the questions and donate a few cups of rice instead.

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs. He has a very particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for threats like you.