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Malwarebytes Growing Fast

I’m afraid it’s time for me to interrupt the usual flow of cyber crime news with my customary company brag post.

This morning, Deloitte announced the results of its annual Fast 500 awards which identify the fastest growing technology, media, telecoms and life sciences companies in North America. Not only was Malwarebytes featured for the first time, we came in 76th place. Needless to say, we are really happy.

It’s been a big year for us. We’ve launched two entirely new products and pushed out countless updates, announced our VC funding and hired a load of great people.

Every member of the team has contributed. We are a close company and there is no one section outperforming the other, everyone has pulled hard in the same direction. This is all despite the various stresses and strains placed on any company going through such a rapid growth curve.

This particular award is based on % growth and at the heart of our performance in my mind is one single truth; the bad guys are becoming more effective than ever before, creating a need for our products. Our technology is designed to kill the stuff that your traditional anti-virus can’t, and it looks like we are needed more and more.

So, I will end this post with a restatement of our company vision. We believe everyone is entitled to a malware-free existence and are dedicated to achieving this. Awards are a good way to prove the success of what we are doing, but I would give them all up in a heartbeat if it meant we could achieve this. We look forward to taking the fight even harder to the bad guys over the next year.

More information on the awards can be found here.

The press release can be found here.


Marcin Kleczynski

CEO and Co-Founder of Malwarebytes

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