100 Cites in 100 Days Starts Today!

100 Cites in 100 Days Starts Today!

Today, to coincide with Data Privacy Day, we wanted to let you know about a new computer security initiative called “100 Cities in 100 Days”. The Identify Theft Council created this project to persuade cities to commit to doing at least one thing to aid community awareness about identity theft, privacy and cybercrime across California and beyond.

Malwarebytes Labs will be publishing an article a day for the next five days describing different aspects of computer security.

We are trying to share knowledge with everyone we possibly can to make the most out of this project.

Although, just because we are spreading the word doesn’t mean it should stop with you, take the things you learn and spread knowledge to your friends and family.  The only way we are going to ever defeat the cyber criminals who threaten our data, security and livelihood is to educate as many people as possible so they can avoid becoming their next victim.

You can find out more on the project and who the Identity Theft Council are by visiting IdentityTheftCouncil.org

Day 1: Keeping a Secure Mobile Device

Day 2: The Password and You

Day 3: Hardening Firefox

Day 4: Safe Practices with Your Mobile Device

Day 5: 10 tips to maintain an online presence in a privacy-hostile world


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