BSides Austin 2015 and Malware Analysis Training

BSides Austin 2015 and Malware Analysis Training

Hey Folks!

I attended the BSides Austin 2015 conference this week and gave a talk about the basics of malware analysis called “Malware Analysis 101.”

I had a lot of great feedback from people about the presentation and a few folks asked me to host it online, so here it is.

I created a slide that acts as a kind of “cheat sheet” for the talk which lists the tools that I mention along with methodology and a bunch of useful resources for people who are interested in malware analysis.  So I am going to post that particular slide here and a link to download the presentation.

Thanks and enjoy!



Links included:

Full presentation download (zipped)

Note: I removed any GIF images from the presentation but if you want to see the one with GIFs included, please let me know via Twitter @kujman5000

Even More Resources!

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