Facebook Hacks and SMS, Oh My

Facebook Phisher Apologizes for Disturbing Your Comfort

A fair warning to you, dear Reader: if in case you’ve seen messages on social media or an email purporting to be from Facebook urging you to recover your account else it will be closed permanently, please do not be swayed.

It’s a scam, and it wants certain information from you, such as your Facebook credentials (email address and password), the phone number tied to your account, and your date of birth.

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Account Recovery Center

To provide the information you need and protect your account information is great Facebook

Your account has been reported by other users and your account will be closed permanently reasons Facebook: ✓ Using fake names ✓ Your account fraud ✓ You write content that is not fun(rough) ✓ Using pornographic photos and photos of other users

Please restore your account, to prevent account disable, thank you.

"WARNING!!!" If you do not recover your account24 Hours, the account you use will be disabled permanently.

Sorry to disturb your comfort

Aside from the bad English, another observation to note is that the phishing page is hosted on Dropbox, a technique that we actually have seen before.

All information entered by users to this form are then posted to a .PHP page of a certain shady domain.

We have already notified Dropbox about this phish.

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