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“Girls List” Spam Landing in Mailboxes

It’s possible spammers are changing up their dating site spam tactics a little bit in the wake of the continued Ashley Madison fallout, with the below curious missives landing in spamtraps over the last day or so.

Woman list spam

“Lots of females waitin for U tonight”

“Crowds of females waitin for you tonight”

Truly, the mob has descended and the rest of this blog shall be written from a basement with all doors and windows barricaded. Send help.

The emails are identical, and read as follows:

Blank spam

…well, they would read as follows if they had any text in them to read. The emails are entirely blank, instead offering up two attachments called “girls_list”. A “girl list” would seem to conjure up visions of swiped data and things you’re not supposed to have access to; as it turns out, opening up the .HTML attachment redirects you in a browser to a porn dating site which splashes so many nude photos around the screen that we pretty much had to blank out the entire thing bar the green continue button.

Blanked out dating site

Never has “Nothing to see here” been applied so literally.

These emails are already caught by Gmail as spam, but other providers may not be flagging them yet. While I’m sure there are lots of fun things you can do with a list, allowing yourself to be redirected to porno spam is probably not one of them and you should avoid these mails. With websites and services jumping on the AM data bandwagon, it’s clear that anything involving dating and lists is going to be a hot topic for some time to come.

Don’t fall for it.

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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