MGS V: The Phantom Game Downloader

MGS V: The Phantom Game Downloader

I’m not sure what I like more about the below site promising hacks related to Metal Gear Solid V – the promo splash of old timey Solid Snake (who isn’t actually the protagonist of the new game, instead featuring in the fourth iteration of the series from 2008), or the fact that specifications for the game are low, according to “Namibia”.

I think they meant NVIDIA.

The site, metalgearsolidhack5(dot)com, also has a video of a chap claiming to work for their “Support Team” telling us:

If you click download game now, you’ll be able to play the game via any console for free.

That’s pretty specific and also weirdly inaccurate, given that

  1. They want you to download a program onto your PC, and there is no way some random executable is going to magically give you the full title / tie it to your account on Xbox, PS4 or anything else for that matter.
  2. The program in the promo image is a game trainer / content unlocker, and also appears to have had the image altered in the splashbox – compare the original with the below, where PS4 box art has been added. Either way, a game trainer is not going to spit out free games.

To download the program, you will of course be made to jump through survey hoops with nary a cardboard box or flashing exclamation mark in sight.

Download time...



I’m sure you know the drill by now, but just to re-confirm that as with all of these “something for nothing” offers, you have no way of knowing what lurks on the other side of that download prompt – and you’ll only get that far once you’ve handed over information to third-party marketers and / or installed something, or signed up to an SMS service.

Offers tend to be region restricted and can vary wildly, and we don’t recommend trawling around random websites looking for game hacks for any major recent release – more often than not, you’ll just give yourself a headache further down the line.

What’s that? You didn’t take our advice to be wary of fakeouts?


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