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A Week in Security (Jan 31 – Feb 6)

It’s Monday, which means we have a roundup!

Over the past week on Malwarebytes Unpacked, we’ve moved from a vulnerability disclosure and launch of a bug bounty program to a new form of Ransomware called DMA Locker. Nuclear Exploit Kit returned to cause problems with a large WordPress compromise campaign, and we weighed in on a problematic situation brewing over at BleepingComputer. We looked at a Weather App which would wait until a very specific date to pop a fake Blue Screen of Death (complete with tech support scam phone number), and the latest round of Malvertising we detected caused problems for readers of TMZ. Rounding off the week, we covered Amazon themed phishing mails on the hunt for logins and bank details, and the latest in a string of problems for the popular DayZ videogame.

As for the rest of the news…

Stay safe!

The Malwarebytes Labs Team