Avoid: "I just hacked my friend's account" Twitter spam

NASA Kepler Twitter feed compromised…

Any organisation or individual can fall foul of a Twitter compromise, with Exhibit A being the feed for NASA’s Kepler. In case you didn’t know, Kepler is a space-faring observatory designed to seek out Earth-style planets in hospitable zones. A little while ago, this happened:

NASA Kepler feed

Waitin for ya: [Goo.gl URL]

Yes, poor old Kepler turned into a porn spambot. For some reason, we couldn’t view the shortened URL stats (the usual trick of placing .info at the end doesn’t work) so we can’t tell how how many of their 569k followers clicked it – but we can tell you that the link cycled visits to a number of rotating porn / dating / hookup style websites.

As above, they’ve now fixed the problem – but this is a timely reminder to ensure your social media settings are as locked down as they can be.

The only real decision left now is to decide which sci-fi movie tagline to end this blog with…

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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