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“Free easter chocolate basket” is a social media scam after your personal details

Holidays inspire fraudsters and scammers to create timely and effective ways to string people along and get them to give up either their money or their personal information. This is the case in this chocolate-themed scam.

Cadbury UK has issued a warning to its 315,000 followers on Twitter about a scam making the rounds on WhatsApp and other social media sites like Facebook.

Users of WhatsApp have reported receiving links to a web page where they can claim a “free Cadbury easter chocolate basket.”

When they open the link, users are presented with a short list of questions to answer—purportedly as part of an “Easter Egg Hunt”—before they are prompted to enter their personal details.

The Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit posted an appeal about this scam to its Facebook page.

“DON’T CLICK THE LINK.” the post reads, the text bookended with the warning sign emoji. “Our Cyber Protect Officer has done it for you.”


Jovi Umawing

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