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Windows 10 gets its own extended security updates program

The day that Windows 10 machines will get their last security updates is set for October 14, 2025. So if you want to stay secure, you’d have to upgrade to a newer version. Either to Windows 11, which is not all that different, but more demanding when it comes to system requirements. Or to the rumored Windows 12 which might be out by then.

Despite the fact that Windows 11 has been around for a while, market share would have it that Windows 10 is still far more popular. Windows 11 shows a slight increase in usage, but not a very significant one.

Market share of desktop Windows versions worldwide

Which is strange, since apart from the surprising Copilot introduction, Windows 10 hasn’t seen any major changes. But some people don’t like changes that much. Once they are used to something they want to keep it that way.

So, it makes sense that, similar to the extended security updates program Microsoft offered Windows 7 users years ago, it will now introduce a similar extension program for Windows 10.

The extended security update (ESU) program for Windows 10 is mentioned almost as a footnote in the options users have when end of support (EOS) for Windows 10 comes to light. The suggestions Microsoft offers first are:

  • Upgrade eligible PCs to Windows 11.
  • Purchase new Windows 11 machines.
  • Migrate to the cloud and subscribe to Windows 365.

But how much will the ESU program cost you? Microsoft says that pricing will be provided at a later date. But if the costs for Windows 7 were any indication, the first year came at $70 and doubled each consecutive year, so the third (and last) year was priced at $280. And that was just for security updates. ESUs do not include new features, customer-requested non-security updates, or design change requests.

What will be different this time is that home users will also be able to buy the ESU subscriptions.

Jason Leznek, Principal Product Manager for Windows Servicing and Delivery said:

“Stay tuned for more ESU program updates as we approach availability, including an ESU program for individual consumers.”

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