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Is free VPN safe?

Potential cyber security issues of free VPN services:

Questionable credibility and trustworthiness of providers
Limited security and privacy measures 
Weak encryption protocols
Injection of tracking cookies and targeted ads
Limited server infrastructure leading to slow connections
Bandwidth limitations and restrictions on certain activities
Logging and potential misuse of user data

With Malwarebytes free VPN trial, you get a premium, private VPN connection 100% free for 7 days. 

Free VPN features:

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Get groundbreaking speed

Traditional VPNs can slow down your connection. Malwarebytes Privacy VPN uses a newer and faster VPN protocol so you can get all the benefits of VPN with less lag.

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Prevent unauthorized tracking

Advertisers and websites may use your IP address to track your activity across sites. Malwarebytes Privacy VPN can help you stop them by assigning you a virtual IP address.

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Switch up your location

With 370+ servers in 30+ countries, Malwarebytes Privacy VPN gives you the ability to make it appear like you’re connecting to the Internet from a different country so you can possibly view new content.

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Connect confidently

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN helps keep your data secure with 256-bit encryption, and once you’re connected to the VPN server, we don’t retain or log any data related to web traffic, DNS requests, IP addresses, bandwidth or network connections

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“Seamless service while offering superior privacy. I highly recommend it.”

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“I get to surf the web with privacy. Smooth, no delay and many location to choose from.”

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“I can browse even more safely. Very happy with the speed and is cost effective too!”

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VPN free trial FAQ

what is VPN and why do i need it

What is included in the Malwarebytes Privacy VPN free trial?

Which operating systems are supported for the free VPN trial?

How does Malwarebytes Privacy VPN differ from other VPNs?

How does Malwarebytes Privacy VPN differ from Malwarebytes Premium?

Tech specs

Software requirements

Software requirements

Windows 7 (or higher), macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (or higher), iOS 14 (or higher), Android 9 (or higher)

Languages supported

Languages supported

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian

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