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Your Malwarebytes Endpoint Security product will be discontinued on August 4, 2021. We’re doing this to better protect you by focusing resources on products best suited to stop today’s most sophisticated malware. See Frequently Asked Questions

Rest easy, we’ll upgrade you to our small business solution in minutes.

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Malwarebytes for Teams

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Protection and detection

  • Prevents virus, spyware, and malware infections
  • Protects against ransomware attacks
  • Shields programs and systems from exploits (Windows only)
  • Safe web browsing (Windows and Android only)
  • Removes adware, malware, ransomware, and identifies bad apps on Android devices
  • Machine learning improves detection of new threats
  • Artificial intelligence reduces manual processes


  • Thoroughly cleans infected devices by removing all known artifacts


  • Protects up to 20 devices

Works for (mix & match)

  • Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome OS


  • Easy access to migration best practices, videos, and other support content

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We make your upgrade simple, and free.

  • Easy upgrade to next-gen Malwarebytes for Teams
  • Same price throughout the remainder of your current subscription*
  • More advanced protection against malware, ransomware, and emerging threats
  • Complete migration tools to make the move simple
  • Easy access to migration best practices, videos, and support content


Why is Malwarebytes Endpoint Security (an on-premises solution) being discontinued?

What does “discontinued” mean for Malwarebytes Endpoint Security?

When I switch to Malwarebytes Teams, how will you help me?

When will Malwarebytes Endpoint Security be discontinued?

What promotion is Malwarebytes offering?

Who do I contact with questions before, during, and after migration?

What tools are available to help me migrate?

Can I continue using my Malwarebytes Endpoint Security product once it is discontinued?

What if my subscription extends beyond the August 4, 2021 date?

*As a Malwarebytes Endpoint Security customer, you have the right to continue using the product for the duration of your subscription. However, after August 4, 2021, Malwarebytes Endpoint Security will no longer receive software or protection updates, and you’ll receive limited customer support. We recommend that you make an informed decision on how you want to proceed. If you upgrade to Malwarebytes for Teams, you’ll incur no additional fees for the existing number of seats and your remaining subscription period.