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Short bio

Chir.Spyware.Infostealer.DDS is Malwarebytes’ detection name for a file infector that could steal information from your computer as detected by Malwarebytes’ Katana engine. 

The detection names are produced by Malwarebytes 4 and Malwarebytes business products. These generic malware detections are due to our new automated signature system called BytesTotal and specifically the DDS engine that are based on Machine Learning technology with 100% autonomous learning which don’t require any human interaction to correctly identify malware. These techniques are part of Malwarebytes’ Katana engine and were developed for automated mass detection of wide ranges of malware and adware.

Type and source of infection

This type of malware infects legitimate files in order to harvest keystrokes, screenshots, network activity, and other information from systems where it is present. This software may be packaged with free online software, or could be disguised as a harmless program and distributed by email. Alternatively, this software may be installed by an individual with physical or remote access to the computer. 


The Malwarebytes’ Katana engine detects unknown threats as Chir.Spyware.Infostealer.DDS by using generic detections, Machine Learning, and other Artificial Intelligence techniques to protect users from malware.