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Short bio

OSX.Genieo is Malwarebytes’ detection name for a browser hijacker targeting macOS systems that behaves like adware.

Type and source of infection

OSX.Genieo acts as a search engine that shows sponsored results. OSX.Genieo is usually installed by bundlers.


What sets OSX.Genieo apart from Adware.Genieo is that they use system vulnerabilities to assist in getting parts of the software installed. Also, uninstalling OSX.Genieo the regular way is frustrated by using a few typical malware tricks:

  • Modification of system environment variables in such a way that removal of the malware will render the system unbootable
  • Polymorphic, code obfuscation and other tricks to evade detection and analysis
  • Uninstallers that actually install components that were not originally present



Malwarebytes for Mac detects and removes OSX.Genieo.


Malwarebytes for Mac will detect and remove the components of this malware.

Download and install the latest version of Malwarebytes for Mac.

Click the “Scan Now” button to perform a system scan.

If threats are detected during the scan, a count of detected threats is displayed. More detailed threat information is displayed after the scan completes.

Click “Confirm” to move the detected threats to Quarantaine.

If a restart is required to complete remediation of threats detected during a scan, you will be notified. When a restart is required, please remember to save all work before clicking “Restart”.

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