A bit of company news

A bit of company news

I’m really happy to announce we have closed our first ever fundraising, with venture capital company Highland Capital Partners. Following a lot of hard work, and with a really loyal army of users, we decided this was the best way to continue growing our company.

Malwarebytes is still owned by its employees and the same people will keep bringing you great products, we just now have more resource to create even better technology.  Needless to say the R&D team is excited!

When we first officially launched Malwarebytes in 2008, after four years making freeware and distributing it on forums, we had no idea we would ever see such demand.  We just wanted to focus on creating something which worked as well as possible.

Six years later, our home software has been downloaded by more than 300 million people, the mobile app is flying out of the Android store and our enterprise products are now protecting an impressive list of big companies.

Our success to date has been based on the effectiveness of these products; they just work.  Whether you are a CISO at a NYSE-listed company, or sitting at home on a beaten-up old laptop, ultimately you just want to know that your security software has your back.

However, what people don’t see is the hours of delicate reverse engineering of malware done by our research team, the caffeine-fueled nights pulled by our developers or the (almost) tears shed by the marketing team in the run-up to a product launch.

The backing of Highland Capital will allow us to accelerate all this and really take things to the next level.  With the additional resource, we promise to hire the best researchers, developers and maybe even some more sales and marketing folks.

This ultimately means we can continue to make great products, and tell more people about them.  We wanted to work with Highland because they have lots of experience doing exactly this, working together with companies such as ourselves to disrupt existing markets.

Myself, and everyone who works at Malwarebytes, really does believe in people’s right to a malware free existence.  While this sounds like a marketing line, we will continue to prove this by developing products which let people all over the world stay one step ahead of the bad guys.  The possibilities are really exciting!

There are more details in the press release here.


Marcin Kleczynski

CEO and Co-Founder of Malwarebytes

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